FCS training




FCS' experienced staff is well qualified to support power companies in preparing for the operation and maintenance of new air quality control systems. We have extensive successful experience developing and providing power plant technical training and operations and maintenance technical support services for all types of FGD systems and other air quality improvement systems such as SCR systems. Our focus is the help power plant management meet their objectives, including:

  • Assessing training needs
  • Designing, developing and implementing comprehensive multi-discipline training programs
  • Developing operating and maintenance procedures
  • Specifying training simulator requirements
  • Assisting in procurement of simulators

FCS has recent experience in assisting utilities and manufacturers in the development of training programs and system documentation for both wet and dry scrubber systems and support systems. We have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of air quality control (AQC) system process schemes and approaches, and our technical staff is skilled in adapting the technical information for these systems into useful training materials for training both operations and maintenance staff.

FCS services include:

  • Integrated personnel training program plan, including:
    • Training management plan design
    • Training coordination between station, AI and all OEMs
    • Overseeing training materials from AE and OEMs
    • Conforming OEM information into standard formats
    • Operator-specific training programs
    • Maintenance-specific training programs
    • Qualification program materials to support training and qualifying plant staff on new equipment
  • Operations documentation development
  • Operating Procedures
  • Check lists for Operators
  • Alarm response procedures
  • System training descriptions
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Maintenance policies
  • Maintenance management programs
  • Equipment lists
  • Spare parts lists