FCS training


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Well-organized, job-specific training helps improve power plant performance by reducing forced outages and load deratings, reducing equipment damage, improving personnel and equipment safety, minimizing emissions violations.

One way to reduce the costs of training power plant personnel, while achieving training goals, is through the implementation of easily accessible interactive multimedia training. These portable, self-paced training programs are available to your staff at your plant site, therefore reducing staff downtime and eliminating travel and other costs associated with traditional classroom training. Additionally, the technology associated with computer-based training has improved significantly over the last few years, resulting in much cheaper hardware and software costs, as well as reduced costs for designing and developing customized job and plant-specific training.

FCS offers customized computer-based training that takes advantage of the latest advances in multimedia training technology. This training allows organizations to cost-effectively enhance existing training materials.  In many cases, existing training materials accurately reflect knowledge and skills associated with plant jobs, and these programs simply require conversion to a more innovative delivery platform. However, FCS can also develop new training or update existing training materials, and then create multimedia training that meets the customer's needs.

FCS multimedia training uses commercially available authoring tools that are selected based on their ease of use and our customer's requirements.  These tools also allow the customer to update the materials after the work is initially developed.

The FCS approach to multimedia begins with a functional analysis and a project specific training plan.
Based on the plan, production, validation, implementation, and evaluation of the training can be done.