December 29, 2021

Waste Heat: Alternative Uses

In this article, we will discuss waste heat. The process of burning fuel in a boiler to generate steam has many inefficiencies.  The Rankine cycle itself […]
December 20, 2021

Happy Holidays from FCS!

Happy Holidays from all of us at FCS! We are thankful for a successful year working with old and new clients. We are looking forward to […]
December 8, 2021
Arc Flash Warning Sign

Arc Flash Training: Site-Specific

A report published in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News estimated that every day in the U.S. there are up to 10 arc flash incidents, which results […]
November 16, 2021

Heat Rate Cost – Part 2: Impact of Increased Renewables

This blog is Part 2 of a three-part series.  Part 1 covered the impact of fuel cost on heat rate.  This blog covers the impact of […]
November 3, 2021

The Coal Comeback

Fueling the Comeback The seeming pariah of energy generation, coal, is making a comeback. And it’s quite ironic that climate change is a big reason why. […]
October 20, 2021

Scale: Its Causes and Effects

The presence of scaling in water systems at power plants, heating, and cooling plants, and other process facilities can reduce plant efficiency by blocking flow and […]
October 11, 2021

Setting SMART Training Goals

Setting SMART goals is a critical step in the development of any training program. What is the point of the training program if it doesn’t have […]
September 27, 2021

Heat Rate Cost – Part 1

The control of unit efficiency in a power plant requires a team effort from operators, maintenance personnel, engineers, and the support of plant management. The focus […]