Reliability of Transmission & Distribution (T&D) systems is of paramount importance. Customers flick a switch and take it for granted that power is available. People who work in this industry are bestowed with the public trust to make sure the lights do indeed always come on when that switch is flicked. But T&D is a complicated industry and system complexity has dramatically increased over the last several decades. It is more important today than ever to have operations and maintenance personnel who can safely function in this critical yet advanced environment.

FCS employees have experience working with various functions within the T&D industry, including:

  • Transmission Linemen
  • Distribution Linemen
  • Transmission System Operators
  • Transmission Balancing and Interchange Operators
  • Distribution Dispatchers/System Operators

For each of these, FCS specializes in offering customized programs specific to the company and location. FCS designs and delivers self-study, classroom-based and computer-based programs specific to the task, skills and knowledge requirements at your facility so that the training is relevant. Performance/hands-on exercises are always included as a key component to any training program.

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