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Heavy Industry

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Bridging the Gap in Heavy Process Industries

Heavy process industries all have similar characteristics in terms of safety requirements, work rules, process controls systems technology, human-machine interface (HMI) and plant or line operations. The personnel who make up the operations and maintenance workforces can come from many different backgrounds, from high school graduates to college/trade school or military trained technicians. Today’s heavy industry workers are faced with sophisticated production systems and hi-tech interfaces that our grandfathers, or even fathers, could never have imagined. Providing training to such a disparate group on these ever-evolving technologies can be quite a challenge.

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Heavy Industry

Elevate Workforce Performance with FCS

FCS provides assessment services that can identify and target the training needs in your workforce with regard to their knowledge, skills and abilities. FCS can then use this information to design, develop and present plant-specific training courses to your operations, maintenance and line personnel to improve their performance, and therefore the performance of your entire facility.

Some of the heavy industries served by FCS include:

  • Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Petroleum/Chemicals (Refinement and Pipeline Transport)
  • Automotive/Aircraft/Machinery Manufacturing

Tailored Training Solutions by FCS

For each of these, FCS specializes in offering customized programs specific to the company and location. FCS designs and delivers self-study and classroom-based programs specific to the task, skills and knowledge requirements at your facility so that the training is relevant. Performance/hands-on exercises are always included as a key component to any training program.

A sample listing of personnel for which FCS can design and develop training programs includes:

  • Control Room Operators (DCS, SCADA and panel boards)
  • Processing Equipment Operators (PLC, batch controls and other local controls)
  • Electricians
  • Mechanics/Machinists
  • I&C Technicians
  • Welders
  • Warehouse/Store Room Technicians
  • Assemblers
  • Fabricators
  • Other Production Workers
  • Supervisors/Management Personnel
Heavy Industry

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