Practical and effective staff training is key to success at District Energy facilities. Proper training of operations and maintenance personnel will maximize efficiency and reduce downtime at your facility. Personnel require training on in-place equipment/systems, new construction, facility upgrades, retrofit applications. Additionally, training needs assessments can be used to identify knowledge gaps in system operations. Qualification and training programs should also be developed to ensure skilled operators and engineers are trained to replace staff through attrition or retirement. No matter the challenge, FCS is here to assist your facility in achieving your operations goals, and to help improve your people’s ability to operate equipment safely during startup, shutdown and emergency situations.

If your plant is being newly constructed or expanding, undergoing facility upgrades and/or retrofits, then FCS can help you to integrate the information provided by the equipment vendors, control vendors and architect engineering organizations. A challenge at many facilities is the vendors conduct training on their equipment without regards to how they are integrated with other and/or existing systems in the plant. Similarly, the vendors often time train on operating their equipment without covering the centralized control system or teaching how the system or integrated plant is operated. FCS can work to coordinate the training and/or conduct the training with the focus of integrating the equipment, systems and controls so the operators learn how to operate the entire plant in an integrated manner. In addition, FCS has the ability to ensure the training is directed towards the operator as well as adult learning principles to ensure the training is well received, relevant and retained by your plant staff. FCS has decades of experience providing practical training solutions that meet District Energy facility needs. This includes experience with the following:

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