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Power Plant Engineering and Consulting Services

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Your power plant’s top priorities are optimizing performance and staying under your operating budget. At FCS, we offer expert power plant engineering services to help you identify gaps, improve operations and documentation, and equip your workforce to perform their jobs effectively. We partner and meet with you to optimize and train your teams, working with both traditional and renewable energy operations. 

The services we specialize in include:

  • Maintenance procedure consulting
  • Thermal performance
  • GT combined cycle support
  • Gas/steam turbine generation
  • Technical documentation


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Power Plant Engineering and Consulting Services

The FCS Approach to Power Plant Engineering Services

As power plant consultants, FCS has extensive experience in helping power plants deal with the complexities of aging equipment, the need to increase efficiency and profitability, and compliance with any updated regulations. Our power and gas plant engineering services are customized and cost-effective, helping your coal, oil, or gas-fired power plant set up programs for managing plant configuration and documentation updates.

Thermal Performance Consulting

You operate in a competitive environment with regulatory pressures. Improving your thermal performance increases your efficiency and reduces operating costs. FCS will help you identify improvement areas to enable peak performance and be independent in maintaining your thermal performance program. Services include:

FCS visits your plant, surveying the cycle and components. The visit includes walk-throughs to identify performance improvement opportunities, interviews with plant personnel, and a documentation review. We compile a detailed report with implementation, action plans, and reports of findings.

We develop performance testing procedures based on ASME Performance Test Codes and best industry practices. The result is testing and monitoring programs you can use to analyze and identify problems.

FCS experts can review the operation, performance, and maintenance of various power plant equipment to identify the root causes of any deficiencies.

Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Procedures

FCS will assist in identifying your maintenance needs by outlining procedures and systems to ensure your plant is running efficiently and your teams are fully trained in best practices. Our solutions are cost-effective and customized to support your plant’s needs, including a range of services:

  • Maintenance audits and assessments
  • Predictive maintenance/condition monitoring program development
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance procedures
  • Spare parts review, recommendation, and optimization
  • Maintenance Management System (MMS) implementation
  • Equipment tagging and database development
  • Maintenance training program development and implementation


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Cogeneration, Combined Cycle, and Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Support

Your staff needs to understand the interrelationship of combined cycle plant components and system operations for a successful enterprise. FCS helps you address the maintenance and operational factors of the two thermodynamic cycles in a combined cycle plant. Our services include: 

  • Performance optimization reviews
  • Operability/Maintainability Plant Engineering Analysis
  • Plant-specific operation, maintenance, and test documentation
  • Generic and plant-specific training
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) manuals, training guides, and program implementation
  • Assessments of training needs, functional analyses, and staffing studies
  • Interactive and multimedia-based training program development, Equipment Failure Analysis (EFA), and reliability/availability improvement
  • Plant/Equipment efficiency and acceptance testing
  • Development of test protocols and automated spreadsheets
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting services
Power Plant Engineering and Consulting Services
Power Plant Engineering and Consulting Services

Contact Us to Improve Your Plant’s Operational Efficiency

As expert power plant engineering consultants operating since 1995, we understand the issues you face — dated equipment, a fiercely competitive space, and added pressure to increase efficiency and profitability. FCS will partner with you to help you improve your plant’s operational efficiency.

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