October 12, 2017
Engineer in a coal power plant control room in front of DCS screens

Qualifications of Operating Personnel in the Power Industry

January 21, 2020
Power Lines

Induced Voltage

January 9, 2020

Supplanting and Upgrading Coal Ash Ponds

December 23, 2019
Keyboard with e-learning key

The Power of Computer-Based Training

One of the most surefire ways of running a power or industrial plant safely, effectively, and efficiently is to maintain a well-trained staff of personnel.  A […]
September 30, 2019
Image of power plant documentation with worker in hard hat

Is Inadequate Training Costing you Money?

Ask anyone in management what their biggest challenges are, and you’ll likely hear the same few answers:   “Equipment downtime and maintenance costs” ”The cost of […]
September 12, 2019

Strict Compliance to Approved Procedures

I am always perplexed when I visit a site that does not enforce strict compliance with approved procedures.   From the Physical Plant Operations Handbook: “Without rules […]
September 5, 2019

Natural Gas or Coal? Both.

August 22, 2019
Flow chart of FCS' Approach to Power Plant Training

The FCS Difference: Training for Power Generation and Process Plants

August 5, 2019

Solar-Electrical Conversion and Land Use