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Pulp and Paper

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Enhancing Capability and Efficiency in the Pulp and Paper Industry

FCS has extensive experience working with the multibillion-dollar pulp and paper industry. Our work centers on improving the capability, productivity and overall performance of pulp and paper mill technical staff. In our experience, we have seen an increased need to streamline the production and manufacturing processes so the mills are more efficient and cost effective.

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Pulp and Paper

Empowering Paper Companies for Enhanced Control Systems Performance

Many paper companies have increased their reliance on computerized-control systems both to improve the quality of its product and to reduce the impact of human errors on the overall pulp and/or paper production. An important yet sometime latent need resulting from increased reliance on computerization is the need to raise the workforce’s level of knowledge relative to the processes and control philosophies, and logic associated with the control upgrades being used to produce the final product. FCS can fill this gap with customized training and qualification programs. The resulting increase in staff competence will enhance your facility’s performance, because technicians will be able to quickly identify and understand, then effectively deal with problems when they arise, minimizing downtime and rework.

Preserving Nature, Ensuring Success

Another area critical to management at pulp and paper facilities is protecting our environment. Air emissions, water pollution and waste disposal are important concerns of pulp and paper facility management. Ensuring the workforce understands their responsibilities associated with protecting the environment and staying in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations as well as the facility permits is critical to the long-term success of any facility.

Unlocking Potential and Expertise

FCS provides a full range of training and technical services that will smooth the introduction of new technologies and processes and improve the overall capability of a pulp and paper mill workforce. Recently, FCS completed a comprehensive apprenticeship training program for both mechanics and electricians at a large pulp and paper mill in the southern United States. At another mill, we developed and taught a plant-specific steam turbine generator training course that focused on ensuring the operators understood the control systems and actions to take when the controls failed.

FCS offers a range of training programs and courses that can take an entry-level employee and train them to be fully-qualified floor operators; control room operators; mechanics; electricians and/or I&C technicians. Similarly, we can help by validating and updated existing training programs, drawings and procedures. Whether your facility requires a full qualification program or a targeted course (e.g. turbine controls, arc flash training, etc.), FCS works with you to develop a value-based solution.

Pulp and Paper
Pulp and Paper

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