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Power Plant Operator Training Simulator (OTS) Management

Take your plant’s operation to the next level with power plant training solutions enhanced by modern operator training software. With FCS managing your computer-based training simulators, your operators can receive hands-on experience without the financial, safety, and productivity risks associated with traditional training alone. Find tools needed for your plant’s success by updating your training methods with cutting-edge solutions today.

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Power Plant Operator Training Simulator (OTS) Management

Overcoming the Toughest Training Challenges in Plant Operations

Modern power plants demand the latest technological advancements to minimize downtime and ensure operators receive training in the latest techniques while balancing costs and quality. With experienced operators retiring and a shortage of new talent, plants must bridge the skills gap and provide ongoing training to ensure procedural consistency and regulatory compliance. Fortunately, FCS can incorporate power plant simulator training options into current curriculums to help plants efficiently address these challenges.

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Dynamic Power Plant Training Simulator Services

Give your operators the hands-on experience to safely diagnose problems, troubleshoot, communicate, and confidently monitor operations. With an objective look at performance, our simulator management services provide a state-of-the-art resource to help you train your staff in power, oil, gas, chemical, or renewable plant operations.

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Program Overview

FCS’s operator training services offer a unique mix of classroom and simulator sessions, allowing your operators to implement theory and general background in a realistic environment. With detailed daily lesson plans, our program provides consistent training so operators can practice and perfect their skills and confidence. Get ready to see your trainees become experts in their field and prepare them for a seamless transition to the real-world challenges they will face on the job.

With expert instructor guidance, your operators will acquire a deep understanding of the complexities of your plant’s operations. Every operator training simulator we run provides a controlled environment for operators to learn and make mistakes as they gain experience and build best practices incrementally. These sessions include:

  • Student training manual
  • Simulator lesson guides
  • Performance exercises
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Evaluation forms
  • Instructor training

Use the classroom training to give your operators a solid theoretical foundation, covering everything from safety procedures to technical information. Through FCS’s engaging course management, your operators will develop a comprehensive understanding of power plant operations, dynamics, and function, as well as their role in ensuring safe, reliable performance. The syllabus includes: 

  • Systems and equipment configuration
  • System operational design basis
  • Operational theory and equipment characteristics
  • Control configuration and functionality
  • Normal and abnormal operating procedures 
  • Control room protocol, including communications, teamwork, equipment monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnosing problems

Advanced Capabilities of Training Simulators

Leverage the benefits of FCS’s immersive training solution, including:

  • Customizable programs: FCS personalizes how we launch each program based on the power plant’s training needs.
  • Cost-effective purchase options: Provide the same training as real-life equipment at a fraction of the cost. FCS will scale your training program to maximize your employees’ skills while reducing costs to match your budget.
  • Risk-free practice: Allow trainees to gain hands-on experience without the risk of damaging equipment or causing safety hazards in a virtual controlled environment.
  • Efficient training: Operators can practice until they master a particular skill or scenario, making them more efficient in their work with fewer mistakes.
  • Reputation improvements: A well-trained and efficient team of operators can give you a competitive advantage over other companies in the field.
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Power Plant Operator Training Simulator (OTS) Management

Invest in the Future of Your Power Plant

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