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Technical Training

Our power plant operator training and maintenance training services are designed to help you meet your business goals and to improve human, equipment, and organizational performance.

Customized Training

FCS customized training is specifically developed to meet your plant or facilities needs. The scope of training may be as wide as entire plant operation, or narrowed to only a specific system or topic. These courses may be customized for your plant from our off-the-shelf courses, or they may be built from the ground up to support any existing, new, or repowered power plant or industrial facility. FCS can design, develop and implement an entire industrial or power plant operator training or maintenance training program, or any part of a training program to help support your training needs.


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FCS focuses on plant specific training that prepares your staff for safe and reliable operations. Our power plant operator training is completely customizable to meet the needs of your facility.


Hand pressing DCS Controls during Simulator Training
FCS designs and develops simulator training based on over twenty years of success training control room operators.


Instructor guiding trainee during Computer-Based Training
FCS designs and implements computer based training in ways that maximizes active student learning and reaches levels of effectiveness that nearly matches those of instructor-led-training.


Coal Power Plant at Dusk with smokestacks
Whether you need training for a new plant, fuel conversion, controls upgrade or environmental upgrade, FCS has the experience to assess your needs and plan, develop and execute a value-based program.


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FCS offers a curriculum of fundamentals and site-specific maintenance technical training. Our training can cover operations and mechanical/technical theories, equipment, troubleshooting techniques and plant-specific skills required for proper operations and maintenance.

Power Plant Operator Training

Plant-specific operations training is a vital component to helping plant personnel understand the configuration of plant systems, component capabilities and limitations, and control and operation of plant systems, equipment, and processes. Effective training must be designed to ensure that operating personnel have a thorough understanding of controls in order to operate, diagnose, and troubleshoot plant problems during all operating conditions.

Our power plant operator training is typically supported by system training manuals that include both descriptive and procedural information. These manuals are supported by effective illustrations, photographs, and flowcharts that help plant personnel quickly learn the technical information that is key to performing their specific jobs. The format for these training manuals can be based on our standard, or can be customized to meet each customer's specific needs.


FCS develops clear and effective operating procedures (normal and abnormal) that incorporate manufacturers recommendations, plant management operating plans and approved industry practices. Our staff can also provide administrative procedures for keeping these procedures accurate and up-to-date.

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Simulator Training

Simulator training has proven to be the most effective way to train control room operators who are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of large, DCS-controlled power plants. FCS has developed and implemented power plant training programs in support of simulator operations for nearly fifty DCS-controlled power plants. Our training programs are designed to be relevant and effective by focusing on helping the control room operators and other plant personnel to develop and improve the skills they need to operate their generating units reliably and efficiently.


Our simulator training programs are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide the trainees with hands-on operating experience in all aspects of plant operations from a modern DCS.
  • Provide training in proper control room protocol and management, including: effective communications, teamwork, equipment monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting of equipment and process problems.
  • Increase trainee capabilities to control plant equipment and processes while experiencing malfunctions and equipment upset conditions.
  • Provide an objective method of evaluating the trainee's performance operating the power plant from the control room.
Operator in a coal power plant control room


The FCS simulator training programs include a combination of classroom instruction on background and theory that is complemented with hands-on simulator sessions in which the theory and background is put into practice. A training package is developed to maximize the effective use of the simulator and includes lesson plans that provide the instructor with detailed, day-by-day guidance that helps ensure consistent and comprehensive training. A simulator training manual complements the lesson plans by providing the technical information and procedures for the operators to learn and operate the simulated plant.



The simulator classroom sessions are designed to introduce the basic knowledge required to effectively operate the power plant. Significant topics covered in the classroom sessions include:

  • Configuration of Systems and Equipment
  • System Operational Design Basis
  • Operational Theory and Characteristics of Equipment
  • Control Configuration and Functionality
  • Operational Procedures (Normal and Abnormal)
  • Control Room Protocol (e.g., communications, teamwork, equipment monitoring, troubleshooting and diagnosing problems, etc.)


FCS simulator sessions are taught using lesson plans that are designed to present the training in a realistic manner. Early in the program, the instructor uses a coaching style to help the trainees build confidence. As the program progresses, the instructor establishes performance expectations for the trainees and encourages them to apply previously presented information to guide their actions.

Computer-Based Training

Well-organized, job-specific power plant operator training helps improve plant performance by reducing forced outages and load deratings, reducing equipment damage, improving personnel and equipment safety, minimizing emissions violations.

One way to reduce the costs of training power plant personnel, while achieving training goals, is through the implementation of easily accessible interactive multimedia training. These portable, self-paced training programs are available to your staff at your plant site, therefore reducing staff downtime and eliminating travel and other costs associated with traditional classroom training. Additionally, the technology associated with computer-based training has improved significantly over the last few years, resulting in much cheaper hardware and software costs, as well as reduced costs for designing and developing customized job and plant-specific training.

FCS offers customized computer-based training that takes advantage of the latest advances in multimedia training technology. This training allows organizations to cost-effectively enhance existing training materials. In many cases, existing training materials accurately reflect knowledge and skills associated with plant jobs, and these programs simply require conversion to a more innovative delivery platform. However, FCS can also develop new training or update existing training materials, and then create multimedia training that meets the customer's needs.

FCS' multimedia training uses commercially available authoring tools that are selected based on their ease of use and our customers' requirements. These tools also allow the customer to update the materials after the work is initially developed.

The FCS approach to multimedia begins with a functional analysis and a project specific training plan. Based on the plan, production, validation, implementation, and evaluation of the training can be done.

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New / Repowered Plant Operational Readiness

Owners and operators of new power generating facilities are often responsible for staffing, commissioning, and operations and maintenance. Safe and efficient operation of these facilities requires competent employees who have the necessary knowledge and skills. This staff must be carefully selected and trained, and given the necessary tools (including operations, maintenance, and administrative programs and procedures) to effectively perform their jobs.

FCS assists power plant owners and management in achieving the highest effectiveness of their facilities and equipment through rigorous training of technical personnel and the development and implementation of operational procedures and maintenance programs. FCS has the experience and expertise to meet the organizational needs of new facilities on a worldwide basis. Our services include:

  • Plant Fundamentals Training
  • System Training Descriptions
  • Operating Procedures
  • Startup and Test Procedures
  • Qualification Packages
  • Round Sheets
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
  • Spare Parts and Special Tools Lists
  • Maintenance Plans and Procedures
  • Power Plant Operator Training
  • Power Plant Maintenance Training

Plant Maintenance Training

The overall goal of the FCS Power Plant Maintenance Training programs is to ensure that the mechanics and technicians at your plant have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively perform the tasks associated with their jobs. These programs can be organized into progression-based or formal apprenticeship programs customized to meet the needs of your facility. The maintenance training and progression programs include training on fundamental knowledge and job specific skills through the implementation of classroom/laboratory, web-based and/or self-study training and structured on-the-job exercises. The maintenance training is designed so it takes place while the job candidate is performing productive work. A combination of written and in-plant work exercises can be used by to train and qualify each mechanic and technician.

These programs support the maintenance training and development of all disciplines in the plant including:

  • Mechanical Maintenance Personnel
  • Electrical Maintenance Personnel
  • Instrumentation & Controls Maintenance Personnel
  • Plant Welding Personnel
  • Cross-Discipline Personnel (e.g. Electrical and Instrumentation Personnel)