It is vital that operators at Power Generation Facilities possess the skills, knowledge, and procedures to operate and maintain their generating units in a safe, efficient, and environmentally-compatible manner. FCS provides plant-specific training and a range of technical services including needs assessments, procedure development, documentation validation and updates, maintenance management support and others to help plant management achieve its performance goals.

FCS employees have experience working with various types of Power Plants within the Power Generation Industry, including:


  • Pulverized Coal
  • Oil and Gas Fired Units
  • Drum Units
  • Supercritical Units
  • Fluidized Bed Units
  • Simple and Combined Cycle Units
  • Geothermal Units
  • Hydro Units
  • Solar Units


For each of these plant types, FCS offers a range of customized operational excellence and readiness services designed to improve the performance of the individual employees and the overall organizations. These services include:


  • System and Plant Training Manuals
  • Operating and Maintenance Procedures
  • Classroom, In-plant, Computer-Based and Simulator Training Services
  • Employee Qualification Packages
  • Customize Apprenticeship Programs

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