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Employing people who aspire to set new standards of performance is essential to our success. We seek people with talent, initiative and character.

If you have a passion for plant operations and maintenance - its technologies, its challenges, and its rewards - the opportunities offered by a career with Fossil Consulting Services are virtually limitless.

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    Employing people who aspire to set new standards of performance is essential to our success. We recruit individuals with exceptional technical experience, and are seeking people with talent, initiative and character. Many are drawn to FCS by our leadership position in the utility industry and our large business backlog. Others welcome our professional and principle-centered management style, and our commitment to diversifying the workplace.

    Building a career in power industry training is a team effort. We work with our new employees to learn our culture, learn about the power industry, learn the technologies of our customers and most importantly, learn the way we work. You'll be mentored by experienced project managers, senior engineers and power industry professionals, many with backgrounds similar to yours. You will be able to apply the skills you've learned through your previous education and experience to the challenges of the energy industry.

    Your technical knowledge and problem solving skills will be applied to solving our customers' organizational challenges. You will apply your technical education and exceptional experience to training and development of Operating & Maintenance personnel at a wide range of power industry technologies.

    You will work closely with power plant engineers and consultants in all areas from project inception to successful completion.

    There is camaraderie among employees and management that adds value to their working lives. FCS strives to maintain an open, family-like atmosphere to ensure job satisfaction and professional development of our staff.

    Fossil Consulting Services encourages teamwork and collaboration. We support and reward individual initiative and resourcefulness. We value problem solvers and effective communicators. We acknowledge and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of others-fellow employees as well as our project partners.

    FCS offers comprehensive employee benefits to suit the needs of individuals and married couples, as well as families with children. Our benefits rival those of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

    At FCS, we value each and every employee equally. FCS was founded as an employee-owned business in 1995. We work diligently to retain a close-knit, family-oriented Company that is unmatched for companies of our geographic reach. We believe that a great day at play and relaxation brings immense benefits to teamwork on the job. That's why we encourage our employees to work collaboratively on projects and participate in Company-sponsored picnics and events.

    FCS is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity.


FCS is always looking for good people who are interested in growing as we grow. We are looking for professionals with the following background and capabilities:

  • Technical background in plant operations and or maintenance; equipment experience should be related to power plant (conventional Rankine cycle and combined cycle), air quality control systems, or district energy plant-related, including heating and power boilers, steam and gas turbine-generators, and centrifugal chillers. Degreed engineers or non-degreed personnel with a marine engineering or US Navy (especially nuclear power) background or equivalent.
  • Good computer skills including Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Experience with computer applications like GateCycle and PEPSE is a plus.
  • Business and project management experience.
  • A desire to help build a proud organization of professionals.


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