Our distribution system operator (DSO) training is designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and operate a whole distribution network of an electric power system efficiently. We will give you the necessary training to ensure reliable delivery of electricity to consumers, both residential and industrial.

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What Our Training Focuses On

The following are the core objectives we focus on during the course:

Power distribution training will teach you about the infrastructure components. That will include the transformers, substations, feeders, and all the smart grid technologies.

We will also give you power distribution classes on monitoring and controlling the flow of electricity. You’ll see how to do it within the network, how to manage peak load conditions, and then ensure stability.

There will be an emphasis on safety practices. We will conduct training on how to prevent accidents and ensure that your systems are compliant with regulatory standards.

Benefits of DSO Training

By the end of the course, your team will have learned how to:

Enhance Reliability

You can improve the ability to maintain continuous power. You will be taught how to respond effectively to outages when they occur.

Risk Management

We will give you the tools and skills to identify potential risks and employ preventive measures.

Professional Development

Electrical distribution training will open career opportunities for you and your team members. You will have further professional growth in the energy sector. 

Our Service Benefits

By doing your training with FCS, you can experience simplified, approachable training. Our guides and training manuals are written in simple language, allowing anyone to join in. We also do the training with you, working directly with you and your operators. 

If you are looking for training for your team, then ask us about our customization options. To make things easier and relatable, we can come through to the plant and take photos to use in your manuals. This approach will give your team first-hand, relevant information and enable them to learn with your current system. 

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Distribution System Operator Training
Distribution System Operator Training

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Our extensive training courses offer custom solutions for teams or off-the-shelf programs for teams looking to advance themselves professionally. We can cater to all markets in different sectors. Our training is conducted in-person, classroom-style, computer-based, or a hybrid of both. We make sure every step is customized and that you get personal support throughout your training. We also have simulator sessions to give real-life situations and allow for a different type of training. 

If you are ready to take the next step with your training and career, then reach out to us at 410-346-9005, or use our online contact form. Want to look at our other courses? We have a lot of sections of FCS short courses available. Our team can guide you through our training courses and give you insight into which one is right for you.