Need to reduce energy consumption? Looking to improve energy efficiency at your plant? Want to know about sustainable practices? This training course will guide you through the solutions to these questions.

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What Is Covered in This Energy Conservation Training Course?

The following are a few of the topics we’ll be looking at during this course:

We will cover the basics of energy concepts. This will give everyone a base to learn the more advanced modules. We’ll cover all the types of energy, the sources, and the principles.

Once you know the basics, you can move on to how to audit them. We’ll look at assessing energy use patterns, identifying the inefficiencies, and evaluating the potential for energy savings.

There are many ways to reduce energy usage. We look at the latest techniques and technology that are being used for energy reduction.

The Benefits for Your Plant or Business

Send your team to do this course or be proactive and suggest doing this course to your manager.


Once you monitor and capture real-time energy usage, you can start looking at ways to reduce it. This energy efficiency course will give you opportunities to reduce consumption and, therefore, lower the cost.

Environmental Impact

Lower energy use decreases greenhouse gas emissions. If your team is looking to improve its sustainability to stakeholders or their target audience, you could help them do it by doing this course.

Operational Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency can enhance the overall performance. You’ll notice an increase in your equipment and systems life span. 

Energy Conservation Training

Who Is This Course For?

We create training materials that explain concepts in simple terms and are suited to anyone, regardless of your professional background. The following are some professionals who have joined in the past:

  • Building managers and engineers
  • Maintenance and Facilities’ Staff
  • Environmental sustainability professionals
  • Business owners and organizational leaders
Energy Conservation Training

Do Your Training With FCS

Energy efficiency training will equip you or your team with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions. You will take the knowledge you’ve gained and implement strategies to reduce energy consumption and costs. You can support the environment and create operational benefits for your organization.

We cater our courses to your entire team and your operations. We can customize training, where we include photos of the machinery and equipment from your plant within the manuals, giving your employees a real-life example that they are already familiar with.

If you are looking for training for your staff and want to partner with a company that will create solutions and scale with your budget, then reach out to us. We want to create continued relationships that will support your staff and their continued learning. 

We don’t do shortcuts. We look to give students personalized assistance and support you one-on-one. Want to know more? Reach out to us at 410-346-9005 or use our online form.