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Reference Plant Design

Combined Cycle Reference Plant Design

FCS is supplying engineering design services to a major US OEM for their Combined Cycle Reference Plant design effort. These services, supplied under a blanket agreement for engineering services, include preliminary engineering, equipment sizing and selection, pipe sizing and specification, flow diagrams, plot plans, and equipment arrangement drawings, and cost estimation for several reference plants.

FCS was awarded a blanket agreement to provide conceptual engineering design services for Combined Cycle Reference Plants by a large US OEM. These design efforts are geared toward allowing the OEM to respond quickly and cost effectively to Requests for Proposals from clients soliciting bids for such plants. The OEM’s strategy includes preparing proposal level documentation for a large number of base configurations based on the available gas and steam turbine models, and developing a number of option modules to customize the base configurations to customer requirements. FCS has supported the OEM in the system design efforts for both the base configurations and option modules in a timely and cost effective manner. These services are on-going and the initial contract has resulted in substantial follow-on work.

Major components/systems designed for Combined Cycle Reference Plants by FCS include:

  • Condenser
  • Auxiliary Cooling Water Heat Exchangers (plate and shell-and-tube type)
  • Pump sizing and selection
  • Vacuum pump package sizing and selection
  • Air compressors package sizing and selection
  • Pipe sizing and selection

Option modules developed by FCS include:

  • Cooling Tower with a closed loop cooling water system
  • Emergency Black Start Diesel Generator package