March 11, 2019
Techs Repairing Power Poles

Arc Flash Training

A Personal Story In my career in the power utility business I have had many different jobs. In the winter of 1981-82, in the wake of […]
November 9, 2018
Gas Turbine Power Plant

Controllable Loss Monitors

The largest single cost of operation of a power plant is fuel, and the amount of fuel burned is affected directly by the efficiency of the […]
September 20, 2018
Older worker teaching younger worker as part of a Power Plant Training Program

Technology Transfer

What is Technology Transfer for FCS? People often ask about what FCS means when we talk about technology transfer; specifically, how does it differ from training.  […]
July 16, 2018
Steam and Water Piping in Thermal Power Plant

Gas Turbine Training

There are a wide variety of gas turbines in service and planned in the power utility industry.  That variety includes: Age – from the early 1970s […]
June 1, 2018
Combined Cycle Plant with red and yellow piping and blue sky

Issues with Training and Qualification Jobs for Combined Cycle Plants

Cost Justification Justifying training and qualification programs for operators in combined cycle power plants is difficult in comparison to older coal-fired Rankine cycle power plants.  One […]
March 8, 2018
Power Station at Dusk

Keys to Improving Power Plant Efficiency

There have been many changes in the power utility business over the last 40 years, including deregulation and imposition of air emissions regulations. With all these […]
December 8, 2017
Older worker teaching younger worker as part of a Power Plant Training Program

Why Invest in Training and Documentation for Plants Scheduled for Retirement?

The Problem Over the last ten years, many of coal-fired power plants have been shut down, and many more are scheduled for “retirement.” The common scenario […]