An industrial power plant at sunset

The FCS Difference: Training for Power Generation and Process Plants

No two power generation and process plants are the same. Power generation and process plants can range in type, type of output, size, output capacity, technology and operator knowledge.

The wide variety in power generation and process plants means that “off-the-shelf” training is not always ideal and will typically not provide the required knowledge needed for optimal safety and efficiency. At times, off-the-shelf training is a great start, but to maximize safety and efficiency, a customized training program is the most effective option.

To ensure a plant has the best training program possible, Fossil Consulting Services uses its tried and proven 5-step approach to develop these customized training programs.


The first step in creating a customized training program is to assess the current state of the power generation or process plant:

  • How is this plant laid out?
  • How are the plant and equipment performing?
  • How are the personnel’s performance and knowledge level?
  • What kind of training and documentation already exists?

Plant Tour

In most cases, FCS staff will visit the plant. On this tour, staff will analyze the plant layout, equipment performance and take photos of the plant. The photos of the plant will be used in system descriptions and operating procedures to reduce confusion and ensure understanding of the process!


After analyzing the plant, FCS will begin designing an appropriately customized training program. Due to the thorough analyzation process, FCS provides a training plan that is designed and targeted toward the needs of the plant, plant personnel and organization as well as detailing the plan for effective training implementation.


FCS develops a unique training program to meet the plant’s needs. Comprehensive and site-specific training programs are created by knowledgeable and experienced staff. FCS works with its customers to ensure the training program is meeting the needs and objectives of the organization.


After FCS and the power generation or process plant determine that the customized training program is ready to be implemented, training commences, and operators are introduced to the program. Depending on the needs and wants of the organization, FCS provides:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Computer-Based Training
  • On-the-Job Training
  • In-Plant and Laboratory Practical Exercises
  • Simulator Training


FCS is committed to creating a program that meets plant expectations! In this step, FCS staff will do all or a combination of:

  • Trainee Evaluations
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Job-Based Qualifications
  • Measurement of Organizational Effectiveness
  • Management Perspectives
  • Impact on Performance Indicators
  • Instructor Evaluations

The FCS Difference

  1. Fossil Consulting Services works with its customers every step of the way to ensure a paramount training program.
  2. Customized training programs are focused on improving safety and efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing profits.
  3. Customized materials that provide details and illustrations specific to the plant.
  4. FCS strives to exceed expectations of the organization.
  5. Every training program is designed with seasoned staff and the 20+ years of experience FCS has to offer.