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Fossil Consulting Services President Herman Stone Begins Retirement

Co-Founder Herman Stone Begins Retirement

Today, Fossil Consulting Services (FCS) announces the retirement of company founder and president Herman Stone. Stone founded FCS in 1995 with Michael McClintock, PE (retired) and a third engineer. They subsequently forged a reputation within the fossil power plant and other large industries of quality, site-specific training, documentation, and other support services.

Herman shared that he has been proud to serve the energy industry for the past twenty-six years. He has helped plant management optimize the performance of their people, systems, and equipment. Herman strongly believes the new management at FCS has the education, experience, and initiative. He believes they can provide the services our existing and future customers will need to meet their ongoing and evolving organizational objectives thereby reaching their full potential.

A New Chapter Begins for FCS Under New Leadership

FCS will continue to operate with the same focus on quality and excellence. FCS will move forward in the capable hands of the partnership of Jason Enge, Scott Hommel, and James Wiggins.

Enge will assume the role of FCS president following Stone’s retirement. Enge has been with FCS for 9 years following his 20 years on active duty with the US Navy. Jason continues to add a wide scope of knowledge on industrial operations, maintenance, and training. He is excited to be placed in a company leadership role.

“I am honored to be selected to lead,” said Enge. “the outstanding team Herman has built over the past 26 years. Herman set a high bar during his tenure, firmly placing FCS at the top of our industry as the premier provider of industry services.”

Hommel has been with FCS for 19 years and has been a partner and Vice President since 2013. In total, Hommel has over 30 years in the power generation and transmission industry.

Reflection and Future of FCS

“I appreciate the legacy that Herman has created here, said Hommel when asked about the future of FCS. “I am excited about the future and plan to continue this legacy with the same focus on customer service that Herman has always instilled in all of us. Rest assured that the transition won’t come with any major changes. Expect to see the same customer-focused dedication from all of our employees.”

Wiggins has been with FCS for 6 years and has over 15 years of industry-related experience. Throughout his time with FCS, Wiggins has been crucial to the company’s success and will be a vital member of the leadership team during this transition period.

“As many of you know, the industry continues to evolve,” said Wiggins regarding this transition. “The penetration of renewables, energy storage, strengthening emissions requirements, and unpredictable changes in fuel prices are affecting us all. Herman, Mike, and others guided our customers through the many changes in the industry over the past 26 years. I am excited and ready to take the baton from Herman and Mike, eager to continue helping our customers adapt quickly and smoothly to change, and motivated toward ensuring FCS maintains its status as an industry leader in training, engineering, and technology transfer services.”