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NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

What Is NERC CIP Compliance?

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) develops and enforces standards for operating the bulk power system and monitors the compliance of registered entities to ensure the reliability and security of the grid. Among those regulations are NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards, which were established to safeguard the bulk power system from physical and cyber security threats.

As a result of a joint effort with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), NERC CIP standards are a mandatory compliance framework that utilities are required to follow to protect any critical cyber assets in the system. NERC regulatory compliance means implementing detailed security controls for the reliable and safe operation of the bulk power system.

NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

NERC CIP Requirements

NERC CIP standards are designed to reduce the security risk to the electrical grid with several mandatory requirements for registered organizations. The standards are constantly being revised to combat rising security threats. However, here are a few core NERC CIP requirements based on the corresponding standards:

  • Asset identification: Under the NERC CIP-002 standard, organizations are required to identify and document all critical assets to determine associated risks and measures for proper management of those systems. 
  • Security management controls: The NERC CIP-003 standard ensures accountability by identifying a senior manager who delegates authority and develops consistent policies for security management controls. 
  • Personnel and training: The NERC CIP-004 standard focuses on training personnel with access to bulk power system cyber systems. Personnel are required to have training on security awareness and risk assessment.
  • Electronic Security Perimeter(s): The NERC CIP-004 standard requires entities to create a controlled electronic security perimeter for managing access to the network. This regulation is put in place to protect bulk power systems cyber assets from causing misoperation or instability.
  • Physical security: Under the NERC CIP-006 standard, entities are required to develop a security plan to manage and control physical access to the bulk power system. 
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Who Is Required to Maintain NERC Regulatory Compliance?

According to NERC, all bulk power system operators, owners, and users are required to comply with the set regulations, including CIP standards. Each standard lists responsible entities and associated assets that need protection as per security controls.

Entities that are required to comply with NERC CIP standards include:

  • Generator operators
  • Generator owners
  • Interchange coordinators or interchange authorities
  • Transmission owners
  • Reliability Coordinators
  • Transmission operators

Personnel who work on and around the following critical assets must comply with NERC ICP regulations:

  • Control systems
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Networking equipment
  • Hardware platforms
NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

Our Approach to NERC CIP Standards

FCS offers a complete solution to NERC regulatory compliance that aims to educate facilities about best practices for system operation and monitoring. Our NERC compliance consultants have experience with CIP standards and can build a solid security strategy that works best for your facility.

NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

Our NERC Compliance Services

At FCS, we provide a wide range of NERC CIP consulting services to help your organization meet compliance requirements and contribute to the overall security of the bulk power system. Our services include:

  • Program assessment and development: We examine your current NERC CIP compliance program to identify areas for improvement and work with you to develop the most effective approaches and strategies to achieving compliance. 
  • Audit and technical support: We conduct a range of processes, including risk assessments and mock audits, to enhance your technical capabilities and prepare your organization for NERC audits.
  • Internal controls support: Our team examines internal controls to assess the design and implementation, identify gaps, and mitigate risks to promote compliance. 
  • Comprehensive training: We offer tailored programs to help facilities achieve compliance, including NERC certification training.  

Benefits of Being NERC CIP Compliant

NERC CIP standards are more than just regulations — they provide an opportunity for entities to improve overall technological frameworks and security measures. Some other benefits include: 

  • Increased cyber asset security risk management 
  • Enhanced security awareness 
  • Improved operational control
  • Upgraded power grid protection
  • Better response to disruptions and incidents 
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Frequently Asked Questions About NERC CIP Compliance

Here are a few FAQs about NERC CIP compliance:

Yes. On June 18, 2007, NERC Standards became mandatory and enforceable in the United States.

NERC audits are set by regulators and can vary. Some registered entities have scheduled audits once every three years, while others may be audited based on identified risks.

When entities violate NERC Standards, they can be charged a fine of up to one million dollars per violation per day.

NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

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