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PERC and NERC Certification Training

Our PERC and NERC Training Offerings

FCS’s Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) certification training provide personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to get certified by the respective organizations. We offer in-person training that is customized to your technician’s educational requirements. 

For NERC certification training, our experienced and knowledgeable team will ensure your system operators are well-informed about Reliability Standards and specific job skills tested on the certification exam. On the other hand, our PERC training can help educate your employees on safe propane use and prepare them for certification. Our offerings are designed to improve your employees’ expertise and help them succeed in becoming certified professionals.

The Importance of PERC and NERC Certification Training

While our certification training programs give employees the resources they need to acquire a certification, they also strengthen their ability to do a specific job. Here is a look at why PERC and NERC training is vital for your organization:

PERC promotes the use of propane as an alternative energy source through safety training and other programs. Becoming PERC certified is essential for individuals working in a plant that uses propane to produce electricity. This program offers the necessary training for working with propane in a safe and efficient manner.

NERC monitors and ensures the reliability and security of the bulk power system in North America through various efforts, including certification. To ensure your technicians have the skill and knowledge to work with the bulk power system and handle it during an emergency, NERC system operator certification training is a necessity. NERC also has an organization certification program that aims to ensure facilities meet or exceed the minimum criteria for performing reliability functions.

PERC and NERC Certification Training

Facilities That Benefit From PERC and NERC Certification

PERC training and NERC certification can be beneficial for personnel and utilities where the bulk power systems are handled and other power generation facilities, including: 

  • Fossil fuel plants 
  • District energy facilities
  • Solar plants 
  • Wind farms
  • Hydro farms
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PERC and NERC Certification Training

Regulations for NERC Compliance Training

Bulk power system operators and organizations are required to register with NERC and maintain compliance with Reliability Standards. NERC’s standards are ANSI-accredited and cover a wide range of functions, from emergency preparedness to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). NERC CIP compliance training is essential for ensuring personnel can safeguard the organization against cyber security threats.  

The regulatory authority ensures compliance through monitoring, registrations, and certifications. In addition, Reliability Standards are mandatory and enforceable when approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). 

Preparing for the NERC System Operator Certification Exam

NERC offers four exams that focus on different job skills. To help your technicians pass and receive a certification, we tailor the training to ensure they have sufficient knowledge of Reliability Standards and one of the four credentials. NERC certification exams are grouped as follows:

  • Reliability Exam
  • Balancing, Interchange, and Transmission Exam
  • Transmission Exam
  • Balancing Exam

The certification to be earned after passing an exam remains valid for three years. However, NERC requires that personnel obtain continuing education hours (CEHs) from NERC-approved programs to maintain the validity of the certification throughout that period. 

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Why Choose FCS?

At FCS, we have extensive experience providing technicians and organizations with high-quality training and compliance solutions. Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain safety and maximize productivity through the appropriate training programs. When you choose us for PERC and NERC training, you can benefit from:   

We take the time to understand your needs to determine the level and type of training you require. Then, we develop a custom solution to enhance your system operator’s knowledge and prepare you for success.

Our team comprises professionals with first-hand, practical experience with power plant operations. As a result, we can easily understand your requirements and deliver in-person training backed by industry knowledge and expertise.

We are dedicated to fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients and becoming the go-to source for all training needs. For that reason, you can expect personalized attention from our team and service that fits your plant, staff, and budget.

PERC and NERC Certification Training

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