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Utility Relay Technician Training Program

Our Relay Technician Training Program

Utility technicians play a vital role in protecting power system equipment and the plant as a whole. With FCS’s relay technician training, we provide your team with the necessary resources to carry out all the demands of their role safely and efficiently. We tailor our electrical relay training program to educate technicians on your facility’s specific equipment and practices.

Our team develops custom guidelines and diagrams to ensure the resources and in-person training are specific to the systems your technicians have to work with on a day-to-day basis. Our approach enables us to cater to the training needs of substation relay technicians at all experience levels.

Utility Relay Technician Training Program

Advancing Relay Technician Capabilities in Your Organization

Relay technicians perform several critical processes, including relay installations, testing, repairs, and maintenance. All of these duties are essential for ensuring protective relays continue to monitor and safeguard the system. With consistent electrical relay training, your technicians can practice and improve their skills and maintain reliable power delivery. 

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Utility Relay Technician Training Program

Protective Relay Requirements

Protective relays serve as a power system’s first line of defense as they assess and mitigate potential risks to the grid. Due to the critical role these devices play, there are various regulations and standards regarding the maintenance and testing of relays. 

Protective relay technician training equips your team with the appropriate skills and knowledge to meet compliance regulations, such as NERC PRC-005-2. Under this NERC standard for protection system maintenance, unmonitored protective relays must undergo maintenance every six years. 

Who Can Benefit From Protective Relay Training?

Our protective relay training program is fully customizable and can be built to suit substation relay technicians at any stage of their career. With the proper training, you increase efficiency and productivity in your plant by closing skill gaps.

Our expert team can build a training program to prepare beginner utility technicians with minimal qualifications for their new roles. The training will cover the basics of these protection systems and familiarize them with the equipment in your plant. On top of valuable resources, your technicians can gain practical experience through our simulators.

Our electrical relay training can also benefit personnel with previous relaying experience but who are new to your organization. We can develop a program that enhances their expertise while introducing them to your plant’s systems and procedures. 

We offer custom solutions for advanced relay technicians with extensive experience in their roles. The training can help them develop new skills and remain up-to-date with industry practices, new technologies, and regulations. It offers an excellent opportunity to identify and address potential improvement areas.

Why Choose FCS for Electrical Relay Training?

At FCS, we offer a dynamic team of experts with decades of combined experience and outstanding solutions for all your protective relay training needs. When you choose to partner with us, you can expect these benefits: 

  • Industry knowledge: Our programs are developed and administered by experts with practical experience in the industry. As a result, we have a unique understanding of your needs that enables us to deliver performance-driven solutions.
  • Effective training: The resources we create, such as manuals and guides, are straightforward to understand. They also contain numerous visual representations of your plant’s equipment, systems, buttons, and more for an accurate, company-specific training experience. 
  • Cost-effective programs: Since we offer tailored protective relay technician training, we can scale our programs according to your requirements and ensure they meet your budget while providing maximum value to your team.
  • Improved operations: Our relay technician training is highly effective and is designed to enhance your team’s skillset, resulting in better reliability in the operation of your equipment and overall electrical grid system. 
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Relay Technician Training Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about relay technician training:

Utility relay technician training may vary depending on your needs and the team’s experience levels. Training typically focuses on the fundamentals of relay systems and operations, testing methods, troubleshooting techniques, safety measures, and more.

Our electrical relay programs are conducted in person and involve practical, hands-on training with relay equipment and simulators.

Several members of your team can benefit from relay training, including relay technicians, electricians, engineers, and maintenance technicians.

Utility Relay Technician Training Program

Partner With FCS for Expert Relay Technician Training

FCS is dedicated to delivering highly efficient training to boost your team’s capabilities, safety, and the success of your operations. Contact us to learn more about our protective relay training.