New Location, New Logo, New Lingo, Same Mission

We at Fossil Consulting Services are committed to providing our customers with our combined decades of experience. In addition, we are doing so with continued innovation and adaptability of our training services.

As of January 1, 2022, 26-year President and Co-Founder, Herman Stone, retired. Upon his retirement, experienced training specialist and former Senior Project Manager Jason Enge became President (Read more about FCS’ new management).

Moving into 2022, FCS also has a few other changes to enhance the ability to serve our customers along with providing clarity to our services by changing our:

  • Location
  • Logo
  • Slogan

New Location – FCS Moves

After three years at Twin Knolls Road, FCS has moved back to Woodside Court.

Save our New Address:

6325 Woodside Court, Suite 222
Columbia, MD 21046, USA

New Location, New Logo, New Lingo, Same Mission

The move to Woodside Court provides a better fit to meet FCS’ current needs. Furthermore, we at FCS look forward to delivering valuable training services to our customers at our new location.

Please note that our emails and phone numbers will remain the same.

Since 1995 FCS has had the same logo. In effect immediately, FCS has debuted a new logo A lot has changed since 1995, and FCS is committed to adapting to continue to provide top-notch training.

New Location, New Logo, New Lingo, Same Mission

Check out our new logo

Our new logo demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients training media that fit industry standards and current design trends.

New Lingo – FCS updates Slogan

Along with our new logo, FCS has updated its slogan to reflect the needs of our customers and to clarify our services.

In the last 2 and a half decades, customers’ training needs have shifted.

FCS has a new slogan:

Training, Operational Readiness, Technology Transfer

New Location, New Logo, New Lingo, Same Mission

FCS wants our customers to know we strive to provide paramount services in Training, Operational Readiness and Technology Transfer.


  • FCS training services are designed to help customers meet your business goals and to improve human, equipment, and organizational performance. Our customized training courses ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operations by your plant staff and is specifically developed to fit your plant or facility’s needs.

Operational Readiness:

  • FCS is committed to providing customers with the necessary training, knowledge, and confidence to be ready for operation. Since plants may decide to make changes to operations everyday with new regulations, cost considerations new technologies, we are here to assist our clients in preparing for these upgrades.

Technology Transfer:

  • FCS focuses on the implementation, seamless integration, and efficient use of new technologies. Our services include support for new DCS simulators, integration of environmental systems into existing generating units, implementation of predictive and preventive maintenance management systems, and implementation of multi-media training solutions.

What Now?

  • Check back for Website Updates:
    • We will be updating our website in the coming months to reflect our industry adaptations, and provide additional clarity to our specialties, experience, and continued commitment to providing quality training, operational readiness, and technology transfer.
  • Add our Blog to Your FCS Feed:
    • As always, FCS will continue to provide blog articles sharing our expertise in the field. You can get notified when we post a new blog.
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